Ravenglass and Illgill Head

Sunday 1st April 2018

Today, the main group decided to walk the ridge opposite the hostel (Illgill Head) whilst Alan and Roger went for a more leisurely stroll in the coastal area around Ravenglass.

It was as well the tide was out as we followed the footpath along the foreshore, but it wasn't any where near low enough for us to tackle the ford where our intended footpath crossed the estuary. Fortunately we found a detour which only included a little bit of trespassing to get us back on track.

As we came back into Ravenglass, the steam train was just arriving and we took a few pictures, before adjourning to the Ratty Arms, an old railway building with a railway theme, for a quick pint.

On returning to the hostel, we were a bit surprised the others were not back, but could imagine that they might have extended the walk to take in the pub at Wasdale Head. There being no phone reception, we could not contact them.

Lunch at the Strands Inn was booked for 7:30 and, whilst Alan and Roger were well intrenched at table for eight, there was still no sign of the others. The landlady said that we needed to order by 8:00 as the kitchens closed then on a Sunday. So Alan and Roger made their selections, which included a good value Sunday Roast option.

Whilst not being too worried because there was enough of them to get out of trouble, we were really puzzled as to what could have made them so late. Any way we soon found out as they started arriving at around 7:50 just about in time to get a meal order in.

So it turned out that they had extended the walk to take in the Wasdale Head Inn, but then, not wanting to walk back along the road, had decided to walk back along the south side of the lake.

Now as anybody with any nous knows, this is a very tricky path – it has a steep cross slope and comprises loose scree and boulders. So it was no wonder they took so long.

Report – Alan

Walk rating – Very Good.

Pictures by Alan

picutre 1

Looking across the River Esk.

picutre 2

Looking back towards Ravenglass.

picutre 3

The Esk near to where we were meant to ford it.

picutre 4

Azaleas in the grounds of Muncaster Castle.

picutre 5

The ruins of a Roman Bath House.

picutre 6

The train arrives at Ravenglass station.

picutre 7 picutre 8 Back line