The Wrekin

Friday 8th February 2019

Having left various locations around Peterborough, ten of us met at Telford services for a coffee, (as unable to have one on route due to Andy's new car not having rear seat cup holders!!) where it decided to absolutely chuck it down, but not phased by this, it was onwards to The Wrekin car park, the hill itself being todays target.

The first part of the walk was climbing The Ercall, which was quite steep in places, but at least the rain had stopped. This small hill near the Wrekin had some nice walking trails to follow through Ercall Woods. From the high points on Ercall Hill there would have been some splendid views across the Shropshire countryside had it been better visibility. Having completed the loop, it was back to the car for lunch before tackling the big one.

Martin and Jane joined us for the second part of our walk.

The Wrekin is a local landmark with sections named Hells gate and Heavens gate, could be due to the route getting quite slippery in wet weather followed by the good view from the top if not obscured by cloud, which ours was today, who knows. According to legend, a giant left a spadeful of soil on the spot which became The Wrekin and The Ercall is where he cleaned his boots.

Legend also has it that when I asked a question about the Severn bore, Alan immediately replied that Roger was right in front of me, was this to set the theme for the weekend?

Following the walk it was time to check in at Coalport YHA, but some went to a different hostel by mistake where things could have got interesting, let's just say the statement was “pick a bed, any bed” Alan you can elaborate.......should you choose to do so. [Ed – I am not sure whether Yvette was going to laugh or cry, when the man said it was an all male event. Having said that he didn't stop her coming in!]

Having checked in (at the right hostel) and refreshed we headed to the Shakespeare Inn for our meal. Portion control are not words in chefs vocabulary as they were humongous; needless to say no one had a pud. Simon even took a before and after picture! [Ed – the after picture in some cases being as large as a normal meal.]

Report – Sue

Walk rating – Very Good

Pictures by Alan, Alexandra and Roger

picutre 9

Looking towards the Wrekin which we will tackle after lunch.

picutre 1

Alexandra appreciates the British sense of humour in this sign.

picutre 2

A sign half way up the hill tells us where we are.

picutre 3

Our merry band.

picutre 4

The summit of the Wrekin.

picutre 6

A view from the summit.

picutre 7

We commence our descent from the top.

picutre 8

A sudden break in the clouds.

picutre 10

Which way shall we go next, chaps?.

picutre 12

Our evening meal, would you believe, was in the Shakespeare Inn.

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