Sunday 5th May 2019

A calf–injury to the Dear Leader meant that newcomers Jools and Nasser, along with Jane, Martin, Neville, and Yvette had to make do with Paul's attempts at map–reading for this trip to South Yorkshire.

Arriving in the village of Silkstone our first task was to find a toilet, which took longer than expected, eventually a service station provided a none–too–salubrious facility. Moving off, Paul inspired total confidence in the party by missing the second turning! Whilst not as hilly as some walks around this area there were some nice views as we climbed out of Silkstone.

Curiously, during the walk we found various pieces of underwear at different places on the walk, and Martin always seemed to be close by when they were found! [Ed – Fetishes can manifest themselves when you least expect it – not that I'm an expert.]

Lunch was taken at Cannon Hall Country Park, which provided coffee, toilets, and benches to sit on. Fortunately there was also a café selling sandwiches, as Paul discovered that his sandwiches were still in the fridge at home! We walked through the grounds of the hall after lunch, past an area known as Fairyland. This led to some scurrilous comments about the walk leader being away with the fairies!

We finished the walk along the route of the Silkstone Waggonway, a horse–drawn railway that had carried coal during the 19th century. You could still see the sleepers in the path, which also had a lot of wild garlic growing beside it.

Report – Paul

Walk rating – Good

Pictures by Nasser

picutre 2 picutre 3

The crops are groing well this year.

picutre 4

Pictures by Paul

picutre 5 picutre 6 picutre 7 Back line