Lathkill Round

Sunday 10th March 2019

When we set off for this walk, the forecast suggested there might be some sleet showers. So it was a bit of a surprise as we approached our start point, which was not particularly high for the Peak District, that the snow was falling and had already settled on the ground.

It was quite breezy and for the first part of the walk and we were walking into the wind and the snow.

When we got to Cales Dale, Alan and Deborah split from the rest of the group to follow a more leisurely route but this still included Lathkill Dale which had plenty of water in it and we spotted the usual Dipper and Yellow Wagtail as we made our way along.

The plan was to find a cosy café in Youlgreave and wait for the rest of the group to catch up. This plan was slightly flawed in that the only café that Alan had found online, turned out not to have any indoor seating. So although the carrot cake was delicious, it was not conducive to hanging around for very long. So we had a wander around the village, and annoyingly found another café with indoor seating. But it was too late as we had to get back on route in the valley to meet up with the others.

From there, it remained to walk along the River Bradford and then climb back up to the car park.

Our sojourn in Youlgreave did however have the benefit of scouting out a pub for post–walk drinks which was the Farmyard Inn – and that was warm and cosy.

Report – Alan

Walk rating – Very Good

Pictures by Roger

picutre 1

Fortunately, we could follow the footprints in the snow.

picutre 2

The snow enhances the landscape.

picutre 3 picutre 4

Lathkill Dale.

picutre 7

There was a lot of water around, but fortunately the path was still dry.

picutre 5

The snow had largely disppeared by the afternoon.

Pictures by Alan

picutre 6

We had some unexpected snowscapes.

picutre 8

Just as well they still have their woolly jumpers.

picutre 9

Lathkill Dale.

picutre 10

There is plenty of water in the waterfalls.

picutre 11

A slight detour from the track gets you to this curved weir.

picutre 12

Looking across Bradford Dale.

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