Belton, Osgathorpe, & Worthington from Diseworth

Sunday 13th January 2019

A stylish walk!

As we left Peterborough we were hopeful of fine weather but as we neared our starting point, the drizzle became more consistent. Having parked in Diseworth, just south of East Midlands Airport, it was on with the waterproofs. Plenty of fields but not much in the way of wildlife except for a few well–horned sheep, one in particular displayed a very large set.

Our coffee stop was on a bridge somewhere, still in the drizzle. By lunch the weather had improved but the consistent stiles didn't wane [Ed – consistently high!], we must have set a club record. Most were decent but others were a bit tricky due to being wet or in dis–repair. The Plough was our watering hole on completion.

Report – Sue

Walk rating – Average

Pictures by Alan

picutre 1

The size of this guy's horns made some of our group a little nervous.

picutre 2

A couple of pictures of Cloud Quarry which we walked alongside.

picutre 3 picutre 4

There were some grassy tracks.

picutre 5

The end of our walk – the church at Diseworth.

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