Fosdyke Wash

Sunday 14th July 2019

Let's begin with looking at the walk description: “This walk offers great rewards including panoramic views, close–ups of boats heading to and from the marina at Fosdyke and an abundance of birds”. Well it did offer panoramic views, close up of a boat, the sail anyway, and a few birds so not exactly as described. [Ed – there were loads of birds, they were just hiding!]

Setting off from the car park where we met up with Martin, Jane and Debbie, the long flat walk began. Alan had come well prepared with his little book of birds ready to identify the pending abundance. We did see 2 Swans, Oyster Catchers, Hen Harrier, Thrush and heard a Skylark!

Fosdyke is where the River Welland empties into The Wash. The area is flat fenland, drained by many small canals and covers 2,356 acres. We walked along the “sea bank” which protects the village from the high water of the Welland. We came across some locals digging for samphire:

“Though there are two types of samphire – marsh and rock – only marsh samphire is widely available. Marsh samphire has vibrant green stalks, similar to baby asparagus, with a distinctively crisp and salty taste. It can be used raw in salad, though it tends to be very salty so it is more often boiled or steamed for a few minutes. Rock samphire has a rather unpleasant smell and flavour. Occasionally you may also find jars of pickled samphire in gourmet shops.”

If I say lunch was taken overlooking the water and golden fields of barley I am once again stretching your imagination! We walked a figure of 8 before taking post walk drinks at The Ship, where, for some who shall remain nameless, there was post–walk cake. The pub is right next to the marina where we at last saw close–ups of boats, still a pleasant afternoon despite the promises!

Report – Sue

Walk rating – Different

Pictures by Alan

picutre 1

A fenland scene.

picutre 2

We came across quite a lot if pill boxes this one with an accompanying bird box for the many birds which we might have seen.

picutre 3

A typical section of the walk.

picutre 4

The view out to the Wash.

picutre 5 picutre 6

The tide was out.

picutre 7

Here is something different to look at. What's it doing way out here?

picutre 8

It turns out Martin is a bit of a potato head – he can identify the variety of potato from 50 yards.

picutre 9

A post–walk massive chunk of chocolate cake for those who shall remain nameless.

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