Chesterfield Canal and Anston Brook

Sunday 15th April 2018

This walk had plenty of variety with a section through ancient woodland in the valley of Anston Brook and a long section along the canal which included an ice cream shop.

The woodland had masses of wild garlic, lots of Wood Anemones and that especial rarity the Protocarnivorous Toothwort!

The Chesterfield Canal's claim to fame is that it was used to carry stone across to the River Trent from where it was taken by sea to London for the construction of the Houses of Parliament. We passed the site of the loading quay on our way along the canal.

Another point of interest was a property called “Nirvana” which had a surface–to–air missile in the front garden.

The day ended with a drink at the pub next to Kiveton Park Station.

Report – Alan

Walk rating – Very Good.

Pictures by Alexandra

picutre 10

Walking through garlic–filled woodland.

picutre 11

Protocarnivorous (!) Toothwort – an indicator apparently of a very old woodland.

picutre 12

Plain 'ol Violets.

picutre 13

Nirvana seems to be protected by a surface–to–air missile!

picutre 14

We stop for lunch on the side of the canal.

picutre 15

Alan is tempted by the two girls but he stands firm and doesn't buy an ice cream.

picutre 16

One of many locks that we passed.

Pictures by Alan

picutre 1

The lakes at our starting point Kiveton Waters.

picutre 2

Anston Brook.

picutre 3

Wood Anemonies.

picutre 4

Alexandra busy as usual taking photographs.

picutre 5

Another view of the canal.

picutre 6

Of course the spooky sisters had the same flavour.

picutre 7

You would definitely need a narrow boat to get into this lock.

picutre 8

I don't think I have ever seen so much rubbish.

picutre 9

An attractive waterfall feeds water to the canal.

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