Sunday 16th June 2019

We started our walk as planned at Whirlowbrook Hall and our first impression was that we were set for a walk in the Park. The path took us through lines of Rhododendrons, Water Lilies and other nameless flowers. Soon after we got surrounded by deep Chlorophyllin trees and ferns, ancient Oaks and babbling brooks.

The forest offered us interesting insights from old times with historic ruins and meandering waterways that used to transport water around the region. On the way we came across the Shepherd Wheel in Porter Valley, a workshop for grinding knives, from the sixteenth century. The building and the workshop, a fantastic testimony of Sheffield steel industrial past, were restored and still in working order. We much enjoyed seeing the wheels whirling around by the power of diverted waters from the Porter Brook. After a bit of culture, we returned to the path and were lucky enough to find a picnic table by a river for our lunch break.

After lunch the walk turned a bit more adventurous with many paths to pick from and a rudimentary wooden bridge to be negotiated. As we got thirstier and thirstier a blistering pace picked up and after some ups and downs we found ourselves back to the car and the very needed public house.

This was a very nice walk and very appropriate for a summery day!

Report – Alexandra

Walk rating – Very Good

Pictures by Alexandra

picutre 1

A babbling brook?

picutre 2

Just so we know where we are.

picutre 3

Sharpen your knives here!

picutre 10

The rudimentary wooden bridge.

picutre 4

They have smart footpath signs around here.

picutre 5 picutre 6

This looks pretty old.

picutre 7

Right, left or downwards?

picutre 8 picutre 9

Can we conclude that the pace was a bit quick?

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