Spilsby to East Keal

Sunday 18th February 2018

Having woken Alexandra from her beauty sleep to check she was not going to make it, we set off for Lincolnshire.

It was a foggy day with barely a glimpse of the sun all day.

Spring was springing as evidenced by the Snowdrops and Aconites that we came across.

This was one of those Lincolnshire walks where muddy field paths were more the norm that grass–covered rolling wolds.

Upon completing the walk at Spilsby, we again found a welcoming pub with a roaring open fire; just the job on a cold winter's day.

Report – Alan

Walk rating – Average.

Pictures by Alan

picutre 1

It was one of those misty overcast days.

picutre 2

Snowdrops were in full flower.

picutre 3

There were plenty of muddy fields.

picutre 4

Aconites, Snowdrops and the odd Crocus.

picutre 5

The church at East Keal.

picutre 6

Some of the more interesting scenery.

picutre 7

The mist hangs around.

picutre 8

The church at Toynton.

picutre 9

Who are you looking at?

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