Walk and a Meal – Elton

Saturday 18th August 2018

A good show today, maybe to was the thought of a beer 3/4 of the way round. Leaving Elton we headed towards Warmington where we came across Warmington Mill. A Grade 2 listed building which has been totally renovated and as no longer home to the Aga showroom, is up for let.

Onwards to Fotheringhay where we had a coffee break on the site of Fotheringhay Castle, the Birthplace of Richard III, and site of Mary Queen of Scots execution. Only the earthworks and the conical motte of the castle remain, which stands on level ground above the River Nene.

Despite Alan's clock being on Athens time, we reached our lunch spot which was The Black Horse at Nassington, at around the right time. Having pre–ordered our food, Neville was the only one to have a starter which he graciously shared amongst us. The food was excellent, some even choosing to have desserts. It did raise the question of where does treacle sponge and custard fit into Rogers Clever gut diet, but to be fair he is looking trim! Maybe it's the lack of Snickers!

After lunch we set off again back towards Elton, crossing mostly fields where wasp traps hanging on an orchard fence, prompted a conversation about waspinators and their merits. On reaching a bridge that was no longer crossable, we were amused by the sign telling us that there was no alternative crossing but fortunately, we knew that to not be correct, as just a little way further along the river was a bridge that was in use, and so back to our cars ready to go to Auntie Pam's BBQ that Judith and Andy had kindly invited us all to, though not sure how many burgers we could consume between us!

Report – Sue

Walk rating – Good.

Pictures by Alan

picture 1

The mill pond at Warmington Mill.

picture 2

The now disused Warmington Mill

picture 3

The local wild life.

picture 4

Looking back over the meadow.

picture 5

a coffee stop at Fotheringhay.

picture 7

The bridge we couldn't cross.

picture 8

It's a peaceful day on the river.

picture 9

Judith seems to be missing the point.

picture 10

The weir at Elton

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