Sunday 19th May 2019

Well we looked like a proper walking group today as the numbers swelled to an impressive 13, and that's without counting George the dog. We set off along the shingle bank, hard going underfoot especially if you have 4 of them. There was a good view of the coast line and the wild area behind the bank.

Along the way we passed the remains of a number of World War II pill boxes. Our coffee stop was the usual spot (3rd time some of have completed this route, but always a pleasant stroll) with half the group braving the sea breeze by sitting on top of the shingle bank while the rest of us sheltered behind it. It was here that George escaped his lead by chewing through it and an improvised bum bag [Ed – What's an improvised bum bag? Was the bum improvised or the bag?] was used as a temporary lead, after an offer of tying all our shoelaces together was rejected.

Onwards towards Cley village through the bright yellow gorse and our lunch stop. I had already told the newcomers about the windmills famous resident, as I had learnt about this from a previous report, but for the newbees....James Blunt (You're Beautiful) once spent some time there during his childhood when it was owned by his Grandfather. It is now a bed and breakfast and has a full wedding licence (if anyone is interested!!)

Tina bailed early, well a few yards away from our starting point as her husband had finished twitching and was waiting for her. But had he seen the American Golden Plover, which the other twitchers had gathered for?

Post walk drinks were once again taken at The George where we were served by not the fastest barman in the East! A video of a worm in the sand providing the entertainment

[Ed –Suggestions for the next time we do this walk: 1. Stop off at the visitor centre to use the toilets. 2. Park either at the car park in Cley or alongside the road to the beach to avoid the parking charge at the car park on the beach. 3. Try somewhere else other than the George Hotel after the walk. 4. Consider taking out some of the beach walking.]

Report – Sue

Walk rating – Good

Pictures by Alan

picutre 1

Looking over the marshes towards Salthouse.

picutre 2

It's a bit of a trudge along the beach for the first few miles.

picutre 3

Having completed the beach section, we stop for a group photo.

picutre 4

The vegetation is growing well along this track.

picutre 5

The Gorse is in full flower.

picutre 6

Cley has a very large ornate church.

picutre 7

Cley “Harbour” and the famous Cley Windmill.

picutre 8

Walking back along the flood bank.

picutre 9

A flock of twitchers.

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