Sunday 24th March 2019

It was a lovely sunny spring day for this walk. With four cars homing in on Middleton Cheney, it was good navigation by everybody that we all ended up in the same place to park the cars.

We had a new walker today. George is not as youthful as he used to be and he bonded well with Neville, who assisted him in clambering over some of the many stiles.

We stopped off at a pub in Middleton Cheney at the end of our walk, where George became quite agitated when his new buddy Neville left us temporarily to find the toilets. But we needn't have worried, because when Neville reappeared George soon started wagging his tail again!

Report – Alan

Walk rating – Good

Pictures by Alan

picutre 1

It was a beautiful day.

picutre 3

With some good views.

picutre 4 picutre 7

The church at Chacombe.

picutre 5

We noticed these trees on the horizon.

picutre 6

The church at Edgcote.

picutre 8

A cloudless sky.

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