Axe Edge

Sunday 28th July 2019

This is a walk that shouldn't have happened (in the words of the walk leader himself!). Despite this, two cars of 4 hopeful walkers (2 guests included), made their way to Axe Edge from Peterborough, to meet Mark and Alexandra at a triangular road junction on the A53.

The party set off with a mist of optimism despite the foggy weather. This delirium continued along the now usual babbling brooks and a few déjà vu course deviations. A fair amount of bridges, presented in all possible shape and form, needed to be negotiated during this walk. The route was well defined on paper, but nothing prepared the walkers for the gruesome reality of an overgrown summery vegetation where soon machetes were very much needed. Spiky juncus, Jurassic ferns and “small thorny horrible trees” had taken over most of the path. Meanwhile, mother nature decided to turn everything at us.

A coffee spot was missed as Neville requested a never–found dry spot. We ventured on, in the increasingly inclement weather, under a constant reference to bailing–out–points. Finally, after trudging through a wetland which much deserved its name, a unanimous agreement was reached.

Martin, with his high–vis orange rucksack cover, led a line of defeated walkers back to the car. Never before were the cars greeted with so much enthusiasm.

Quickly recovered and in their much appreciated dry clothes, the party made a move for the much–deserved pint at the Knights Table Inn on the A53. We were not very well treated, and Alexandra's grumpiness towards the PUB manager only improved after her customary 2/3 pint of Black Sheep.

Report – Alexandra

Walk rating – Difficult walk to navigate due to undergrowth and inclement weather. Allow double the time on the next try as it looks longer than what's mapped.

Pictures by Alexandra

picutre 2

So which way do you think we should go?

picutre 3

With the mist limiting photo opportunities, Alexandra is reduced to taking selfies.

picutre 4

A babbling brook.

picutre 5

At least the sheep are looking pretty happy.

picutre 6

A study in green.

picutre 7

Martin leads the way across another babbling brook.

picutre 8

Despite the weather, some of the party are still in good spirits.

picutre 1

The propensity for club members to be photographed mounting sheep is getting rather worrying.

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