Ringing Roger

Sunday 29th April 2018

This week's walk is one of the furthest away, yet we had the best turn out of the year, with 12 walkers. “Hey, it is just like the old days” thought Alan.

We met up at the car park in Edale and, after walking through the village, set off on the steep climb up to Ringing Riger, an outcrop of rocks on the edge of the Kinder plateau. With this climb completed, the rest of the day was fairly easy, except the last stretch from Upper Booth to Edale which catches you out, because having thought you have virtually finished the walk, there is a bit of a climb to Broadlee Bank Tor, before dropping down again to Edale.

At Jacob's Ladder, there is a choice of descents for a short way. Nine decided on the steps, and three for the less steep sloping track.

Having made it back to Edale, it was a short walk to the Rambler Inn for a well–earned drink. Some of us recalled that this pub was the venue for our main dinner when we had our twentieth anniversary celebration which during the day had included champagne and strawberries at the top of Mam Tor in evening dress!

Report – Alan

Walk rating – Very Good.

Pictures by Alexandra

picutre 10

We pose for a photo on the bridge out of Edale.

picutre 11

The Edale valley.

picutre 12

Climbing up to Ringing Roger.

picutre 13

Going down Jacob's Ladder.

picutre 14

The bottom of Jacob's Ladder.

picutre 15

Scenery on the walk back to Edale.

Pictures by Alan

picutre 1

There is quite a steep climb out of Edale towards Ringing Roger.

picutre 2

But we eventually get to the top.

picutre 3

Time to catch our breath ...

picutre 4

... have a sit down ...

picutre 5

... and admire the view.

picutre 6

One of the streams to be crossed as we skirt the Kinder plateau.

picutre 7

There are some interesting rock formations.

picutre 8

Simon seeks a route through the peat while Steve, Yvette and Alexandra pose for a photo.

picutre 9

Another strange rock.

picutre 10

The Edale valley.

picutre 11

On our way down and a stop for a drink.

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